About event:

We partnered up with Therapy for Latinx to hold a panel at their first mental health event, ENLACE. It's extremely important for us to create spaces in which we share Salvadorian experiences and narratives while educating and empowering our communities. We are extremely excited and grateful to have a Panel/Q&A with amazing individuals sharing stories and their passions. ENLACE is an all day event filled with workshops, panels and more. The entire event is from 10a-5pm and our SWL Panel will be held from 4p-5pm.


  • Cindy Luquin - breaking taboo subjects by being a reproductive activist and fertility coach.

  • Cindy Montenegro - a Marriage and Family Therapist who works with adults, children and teaches different healing tools. She’s also working with the Salvadorian community in treating PTSD and grief.

  • Oscar Torres - writer and film producer of ‘Voces Inocentes’.  The critically acclaimed film is used in various Latin American and Political Science studies programs across the country.

  • Karla Vasquez - a journalist and food historian currently working on a Salvadorian cook book and preserving traditional recipes.

  • Moderator - Cynthia Gonzalez (Founder of SWL)