About Us

Salvies Who Lunch was created amidst a political climate to empower the Salvadorian community by highlighting positive role models such as: business owners, educators, artists, Entrepreneurs, and creative souls of all backgrounds.

The goal is to build a network of like minded souls through intersectional narratives while enjoying pupusas y chambres!




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Cynthia Gonzalez is a multi-faceted being, born in El Salvador and raised in South Los Angeles.  She’s the author of Suspendidos en el Tiempo; has been the Cultural Advisor for several events such as Frida Fest and Qulture Magazine.Cynthia has also served on several boards such as California Families in Focus and Long Beach Pride. Her experience and creativity is currently orchestrating as Entertainment Director for CineArte – A Latinx Queer Film & Art Festival produced by the LA LGBT Center. Her passion to see a positive representation of the Salvadoran community, led her to the role of Founder and Content Creator of Salvies Who Lunch, an online platform dedicated to connect and empower Salvadorians of all backgrounds.

In her spare time, she’s volunteered for non-profit organizations helping bring awareness to teen dating violence and facilitated workshops for at-risk youth. She’s also written for the Long Beach Register, Q Voice News and has been featured on the LA Times.

One of the things she enjoys the most is cafecito, sci-fi movies, chambreando with her parents and giving them tutorials on how to navigate netflix and their smart phones.





Cindy Luquin is a first generation born and raised Los Angeles native of parents from El Salvador and Guatemala. She is the Founder & Speaker of Cultura Con Wellness, a platform helping women with the fertility awareness method research, reproductive justice, and wellness. Her wellness journey began when doctors discovered she had a grapefruit-sized ovarian cyst that led to surgery. After six years of taking hormonal birth control, she realized it had a negative impact on her body which led her to find the Fertility Awareness Method as a natural form of birth control and living a more holistic lifestyle. She is currently working on her Masters in Latin American Studies at California State University of Los Angeles and her research focus is on fertility awareness methods among Latinas and black women. Using her 10 years of professional experience in educational interpretation and healthcare interpreting training her goal is to become a fertility awareness method educator in order to teach women and high school students about body literacy to empower their reproductive health decisions.

A few of her favorite things she enjoys the most is going on hikes with her family and dog Lobo, going to the beach, talking on the phone with friends and family, 90s music, being outdoors, attending workshops and reading books in Spanish and English.



Mario Jose Novoa is a educator, writer, producer, director and editor based in Los Angeles, CA. In 2015 Mario wrote and directed "The Baby Cries", for his company Film Bliss Studios as well as producing feature documentary "L.A. A Queer History" (which recently was awarded a 50K grant from California Institute of Contemporary Arts).

Mario J. Novoa’s most recent work includes: the award winning documentary short "Nancy From Eastside Clover" (featuring Chicana and Lesbian Activist Nancy Valverde), short dramas “TRONA”,  fashion suspense short "AY JOSE!", "Art Jackson: Underground Masterpiece", and feature film "The Miracle of Tony Davis", starring Academy Award winner Louis Gossett Jr., “Nelly Queen: The Life and Times of Jose Sarria” based on Jose Sarria (the first openly gay person to run for political office).

Mario is the current president and founder of The Los Angeles Film School Alumni Association, which hosts six yearly industry mixers in Los Angeles. Mario received his degree from The Los Angeles Film School and Full Sail University. He currently teaches and is the Program Director at Columbia College Hollywood. As a filmmaker he is proud to create stories that highlight the immigrant, LGBT and Latinx community.